Amaryl (Glimepiride)
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Product description: Amaryl is used to treat type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes) by helping the pancreas to produce more insulin.
Active Ingredient: Glimepiride
Amaryl as known as: Limeral, Monorel, Glimed, Metis, Glimeprid, Grumed, Secrin, Co glimepiride, Glucopirid, Symglic, Islopir, Avandaglim, Roname, Glimosa, Glycemager, Glimedoc, Glibezid, Lavida, Glibetic, Glimexin, Glimex, Diabirel, Losucon, Metrix, Amadin, Stimulin, Dia-ban, Diameprid, Friladar, Dialosa, Glimax, Adglim, Euglim, Relide, Diaglin, Gliprex, Glimepirid, Norizec, Sintecal, Avaglim, Aylide, Amyline, Glemaz, Glitra, Adiuvan, Amarine, Diamitus, Glupropan, Glimehexal, Avaron, Glimerid, Glemid, Ratio-glimepiride, Gluvas, Limpet, Gliride, Dialon, Amyx, Gliperid, Glucoryl, Glutim, Glidiamid, Amagen, Glimerax, Amadiab, Asoride, Glemep, Glimirid, Sanprid, Glime-q, Glimesan, Betaglid, Merck-glimepiride, Aramil, Oltar, Apo-glimep, Gluconorm, Dactus, Meglimid, Amarylle, Dimirel, Glimepil, Amarwin, Glimegamma, Glimespes, Mepid, Diapride, Melyd, Gluconor, Glimeride, Glipiride, Glirid, Gliperin, Glimestad, Dimavyl, Trical, Apo-glim, Glincil, Glimeryl, Lomet, Glimepirida, Glimulin, Glipid, Gluceride, Apo-glimepiride, Amarel, Glimepiridum, Glucomet, Gliper, Glimewin, Adinsulin, Glimide, Glix, Glamaryl, Diaril, Magna, Solosa, Glimepiron, Azulix, Eglymad, Irys, Diaryl, Getryl, Glimestada, Glims, Glimepibal, Glimaryl, Endial, Diaglim, Idesal, Glypride, Glindia, Glipiren, Grexa, Gemer, Betaglim, Diaglime, Mapryl, Mepirid, Anpiride, Imerid, Glimexal, Glimcare, Glamarol, Paride, Glucopirida, Glempid, Avandaryl

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