Vermox (Mebendazole)
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Product description: Vermox is prescribed for treatment of worm infections.
Active Ingredient: Mebendazole
Vermox as known as: Necamin, Mebensole, Wormazol, Anthalben, Toloxim, Masa worm, Bendamen, Mebex, Wormex, Cipex, Mebendazolum, Fubenzon, Vermitox, Versid, Panamox, Vermin-dazol, Dazomet, Rioworm, Soltrik, Wormstop, Penalcol, Vermorex, Sufil, Tesical, Fuben, Anthelmin, Parasitex, Elmetin, Thelmox, Antiox, Meben, Mebedal, Wormgo, Permazole, Wormin, Vermalon, Revapol, Mebzol, Mébendazole, Deworm, Mebendazol, Tetrahelmin, Vermazol, Bendazol, Solas, Eprofil, Mebfil, Pantelmin, Vermoxine, Fugacar, Mebendol, Mebendazolo, Vermofree, Bendex, Vertizole, D-worm, Ribamox, Bendacor, Panfugan, Mebutar, Lomper, Mebamox, Combantrin-1, Nemasole, Minyoozole, Permax, Wormkuur, Norwin, Madicure, Medazole, Erizole

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